When Experience and Knowledge Makes a Real Difference!

Navigating the Complexities of a Medical Crisis Away from Home!

Travelers must accept that they are not immune to injury or illness — it’s just that simple. There has been no shortage of media coverage of travelers who have found themselves experiencing a medical crisis far from home. The hospital and medical costs are staggering and have financial repercussions. When the challenges become overwhelming and decision making seems too much to manage, having an advocate with years of professional Aeromedical experience would make a critical difference for you, your family or travel companion.

Operating globally for the past 30 years, Angels of Flight Canada Inc. has focused on finding solutions for those facing medical challenges away from home. When you get answers to your questions, receive the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions, get an interpretation of medical reports (even if they originate in a foreign language) and an understanding of your safe and secure options, a lot of precious time and anxiety is saved.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” rule. Highly experienced Aeromedical Consultants, who are Registered Nurses, advocate, support and guide clients with solutions customized to individual needs. Having an advocate is a lifeline of hope and indispensable when you feel no one is listening. It’s tough to go it alone and obstacles need to be identified and overcome. When the unexpected happens, you should know that immediate assistance is only one phone call away.

Having provided solutions for so many years, Angels of Flight recognized the process could be streamlined with some advanced planning. Our HALO MEDCARD PROGRAM was developed to do just that. Through this Program we can collect, maintain and manage your health data and other vital information in an innovative and secure environment that is HIPAA compliant. Your medical, emergency and legal information is safely stored for access in case of a medical emergency away from home. If you’ve never thought about what you would do in a medical crisis away from home, you’re not alone because most of us think “nothing will even happen to me.” Remember — every minute counts!

Angels of Flight is also a proud sponsor of Global Angel Charitable Organization who assists with ground and air transportation expenses for people of all ages in need of treatment, palliative care or special wishes. Global Angel Charity holds several fundraising events throughout the year to meet increasing requests for assistance and your support could be invaluable to a person in need. To sponsor, participate or join Angels of Flight Canada at one of these events, visit globalangelcharity.com for more information.

Angels of Flight Canada Inc. has maintained ISO certification for the last 15 years and has been honoured with many global awards recognizing their contributions to healthcare and Aeromedical services.