Taos Pueblo: Over 1000 Years of Tradition

A world of culture and tradition comes to reality at Taos Pueblo, known for the striking architecture created over a thousand years ago. The Taos Pueblo people are also known as the People of the Red Willow. The community has maintained their links to the past and adapted to maintain the community within present time. Based on oral tradition, the Red Willow people have lived and survived in the Taos valley for time in memorial.
The multi-storied apartment like adobe buildings are what Taos Pueblo is known for. Still inhabited, the buildings are used as family homes and in some cases homes have been transformed into shops for family income. To the people of the community these homes are our family heirlooms, passed from one generation to the next. These homes are the relationship to the past and the responsibility for our future.
The Pueblo people have struggled and thrived to maintain their indigenous identity from the conquest of the Spanish to the assimilation of the Americans. Through the strength of the people, this unique place still is alive. Come visit and experience history through the land and its people.
Surrounded by the pristine beauty of the Sandi De Cristo Mountains, the Pueblo community opens the doors to visitors from all around the globe. The community is noted for the strides and movements made in the fight for Blue Lake wilderness area. With a grand victory for all Native American people the Blue Lake area was returned from the US Government based on the cultural relevance the community had for the area. The Red Willow people have been noted for the strength and perseverance to uphold their culture and tradition.
Share in continuing to preserve the oldest living inhabited community in the United States. Recognized nationally and internationally, the Pueblo is a designated National Historical Landmark, UNESCO site, and on the National Historic registry. Experience living history and the contemporary lives of the Red Willow People.