Sunshine & Nature In Abundance!

Located on the pristine Nature Coast of North Florida, Levy County and Her Gulf Islands encompasses 52 miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. The working waterfront and fishing community of Cedar Key harvests the delectable clam and oyster, #FloridaShellfishTrail. The island town host an abundance of restaurants and accommodations just waiting for you to discover your next adventure.

Making your way further inland to experience local small town festivals, discover beautiful Goethe State Forest, quiet nature preserves, aquatic botanical gardens of Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens and flourishing wildlife refuges. Levy County is the ideal destination for those looking to experience a unique and exciting Florida. This part of Florida has the largest concentration of fresh water springs in the world. Tranquil clear springs, averaging 72 degrees Celsius, abound for recreation, swimming and cave diving.

Anglers will find some of the best fresh and saltwater fishing. Trailblazers will love our miles of paved and unpaved trail to walk, cycle, bird watch and horseback ride. Paddlers can explore four tranquil rivers, and the Big Bend Saltwater Paddling Trail. The wild Lower Withlacoochee River offers diverse wildlife photography, including alligator, migratory birds and the gentle manatees. The area’s natural beauty appeals to nature lovers from all over the world looking for a perfect eco-vacation.

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