Schoharie County: Discover, Savor & Explore

Schoharie County is rich in history and natural beauty and filled with new worlds to discover. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to relax, an underground
world to explore, or a quiet dinner for two, we have it right here in Schoharie County.

Our rich, verdant land yields some of the nation’s finest foods, from crunchy apples to tender zucchini. Savor our bounty in a grand hotel or in one of the quaint cafes
that feature farm-to-table cuisine. And no matter what your shopping passion, chances are you’ll find it in Schoharie County. Antiques, arts, collectibles, crafts —
even museum-quality artwork — all can be found in the eclectic shops that line our Main Streets and in the country stores along our backcountry roads. At the end
of the day, our cozy bed and breakfasts and contemporary motels will pamper you with soft pillows and comfy bedding.

Our museums provide a fascinating chronicle of our land and our people. Many think our history goes back to the first European settlers who arrived in the 1700s, but it actually goes back much further than that. Petrified trees from 300 million years ago provide clues to the geology that has shaped our landscapes. Cultural artifacts and contemporary Iroquois art tell the story of people who lived here more than 9,000 years ago. A museum filled to the rafters with bugles, beads, buttons, maps and more that tell the story of life in the American colonies. History, tradition, science, culture — it’s all waiting for you, right here in Schoharie County.

Our farmers have been working some of America’s richest farmland for hundreds of years. In fact, our region widely became known as a “Breadbasket of the American Revolution” for the role our farmers played in supplying grain to the troops. We’ve come a long way and today, we produce hundreds of agricultural products: from grass-fed beef and craft beer to maple syrup and distilled spirits. The Schoharie County Beverage Trail is New York State’s newest certified Culinary Trail dedicated to creating distilled, brewed, and fermented beverages from locally grown ingredients extending Schoharie County’s farm to table commitment. Along the trail you’ll have an opportunity to sample beverages produced by our local distilleries, wineries, meaderies and breweries. Our restaurants often ‘cook with the seasons,’ and pride themselves on their signature seasonal cuisines. We also host a multitude of food festivals: the Maple Festival in spring, the Corn Roast and the Strawberry Festival in summer, the Iroquois Festival and a number of community Harvest Festivals throughout the fall.

No visit to Schoharie County is complete without a trip through our world-famous caves featuring spectacular winding passageways, underground waterfalls — even a boat ride on an underground lake! Above ground, you might want to enjoy an afternoon picnic while kayaking or hiking in one of our state parks. If so, visit our farm markets first to build your meal around the best the season has to offer.

Come experience the history, harvest and adventure waiting for you in Schoharie County… we look forward to your visit!

Schoharie County is only a few short, scenic hours by train from NYC to Albany and we are easily accessible from the NYS Thruway and other major routes. For more information on Schoharie County’s attractions, restaurants, and accommodations, visit our website or give us a call at 800-41-VISIT. For the perfect travel companion, download the I Love New York app for your smartphone. Look for us in the Central NY Region.