Relive the Legend in Old Dodge City

When travelers or local residents have a craving to immerse themselves in the Old West, the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, Kansas, will quench that thirst. The nationally and internationally recognized museum is best known for its massive collection of western artifacts dating back to the late 1800s, as well the interactive live summer shows which are visitor favorites.

The museum sits atop the original site of the Boot Hill cemetery, an historical burial place for the city’s rowdiest characters of the time. The preservation effort of the landscape took place in 1947 before the legendary Boot Hill was to be leveled. Dodge Citians saw the value and significance of the site as a potential tourist attraction, as well as recognizing the importance of preserving American history. Soon after the world premiere of the movie Dodge City in 1939, which was said to have influenced the decision to construct the museum, the city commission issued bonds to create the ‘movie-set’ old Front Street, known as the Boot Hill Museum.

Today, Boot Hill exists to provide education to locals and tourists about Dodge City area’s famous western past. With over 44 permanent exhibits and 70,000 + artifacts, photographs, and documents combined, Boot Hill Museum has become the western history hub of the world.

Dodge City saw an increase in tourists after the release of the well-known 1960’s television series Gunsmoke. The Boot Hill Museum was created to celebrate Dodge City’s romanticized western experience as Gunsmoke portrayed it in their hit program. People from all over the world continue to associate the movie with Dodge City which spurs visitation to the Boot Hill Museum. Visitors come to experience the raw true west with staff dressed in period clothing as cowboys, lawmen, can-can dancers, and entertainers. Even the bartender and general store worker will make you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time.

During the summer months, the museum comes even more alive with children’s activities, gunfight reenactments, country-style dinners, and Long Branch Variety shows including can-can dancing.

As the popularity of western culture and lifestyle continues moving to the forefront, there remains little doubt that Boot Hill Museum is situated at a time when passion among western history fans has never been higher. The Boot Hill Museum will continue to engage the world through its living western exhibits and shows, and claim its place in American history.

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