Pittsburgh Welcomes You

Once known for the production of steel, iron and glass, today Pittsburgh has transformed into an advancing leader in medicine, education, health care, energy, tourism and countless high-tech industries. And that’s not the only reason your next trip should be to visit Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is made up of 90 unique neighbourhoods, shaped not only by our winding rivers, rolling hills and 446 bridges, but also by the people that call them home. Check out the Strip District’s ethnic markets and shops, the North Side’s City of Asylum for refugee artists from around the world, Bloomfield’s Little Italy or Oakland’s museums and universities.

Pittsburgh’s Downtown Cultural District houses world-class theatres that showcase talent in comedy, theatre, music and dance. Our culinary scene across the city offers up everything from trendy happy hour spots to special occasion fine-dining to authentic cuisine from all over the globe. Our museums, like the National Aviary, the Andy Warhol Museum and Bicycle Heaven, will satisfy your craving for unique and interesting culture.

If you are looking to stay active and enjoy the outdoors, Pittsburgh is the place for you. Our three rivers make for plenty of activities, like kayaking, paddle boarding, or walking and biking on our riverfront trails that line the edge of the city.

No matter where you end up, you will be welcomed with the warmth and friendliness that Pittsburgh is known for. Come visit our beautiful city and find out for yourself what makes Pittsburgh so special!