Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Experience the Heartbeat of the Nation

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is home to the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe. The Oglala are one of the seven Lakota tribes of the Great Sioux Nation and were known for their fearsome warrior mentality. The name “Oglala” translates in English to Scatter their Own, which is representative of battel formations and warrior societies. Some historical figures of the tribe include Chiefs Red Cloud and Crazy Horse.

Today, the Oglala Sioux Tribe remains one of the Largest Indian Tribes in America with a membership base of 40,000. Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is located in the South West Corner of South Dakota and spans across three counties. The reservation is approximately 1.6 Million acres, roughly the size of Connecticut. The geography of the land is rolling prairie, rock buttes, pine bluffs, badlands and sand hills with plenty of wide open country and beautiful scenery.

During the summer months Lakota culture is on display for the visiting public. The reservation hosts many pow wows throughout the summer with vibrant regalia and Native American music on display. Visitors are welcome to take part in the pow wow during intertribal dances as these dances are for everyone to enjoy. The drum beat is known as the heartbeat of the Nation, come and experience the heartbeat.

For more information on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, contact the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce at,, (605) 455-2685 or on Facebook.