PES: Embark on a Unique Learning Adventure

The Professional Education Society (PES) truly understands the transformative quality of travel, that’s why it’s our mission to provide unparalleled CE travel opportunities to healthcare professionals.

Combining world-class destinations with educational goals, our customized CME/CE cruise and travel programs give medical, dental, nursing and allied healthcare professionals an inside look into unique healthcare system around the world — all while earning 12–20 CME/CE credits!

Over the past 35 years we have traveled to over 135 countries providing exceptional cross-cultural experiences! Find out more at


Accredited CME/CE Credits: Earn 12–20 CME/CE credits on every PES cruise and travel seminar.

Tax-Deductible Benefits: Enjoy possible tax benefits by taking your continuing education to far-off locations.

In-Country Healthcare Visits: Receive an inside look into each destination’s unique healthcare system with customized visits to medical and dental facilities.

PES Group Escorts: PES Escorts are on every program to make your journey the ultimate combination of educational and relaxing.

Friends & Family Welcome for the Past 35 Years: We understand that travel is enhanced when experienced with friends and family and for that reason we welcome them on every program.