Few places capture the imagination or the American spirit like Texas. Only the mystique is large enough to stand up to the sheer expanse of this biggerthan-life place. So how does one explore it? The natural place to start is where it all began.

To see Texas from the beginning, come to its first city. Nacogdoches is a crossroads first settled by Native American Indians and a gateway so hotly contested that the flags of nine nations have flown above her. In the days before Texas was a republic, almost anyone entering this beckoning land did so through the streets of Nacogdoches.

For a proper Texas perspective, so should you. Otherwise, the only Texas you know may not include the state’s first permanent structure, first oil well, first newspaper, first pipeline, first wine cellar, first ceiling fans and so very much more.

The taming of Texas is an ongoing challenge. It’s beginnings, however, are easy to see. For a first hand view, visit Nacogdoches. Texas starts here.

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