Christmas in Natchitoches. Historic downtown.

Much to Celebrate in Louisiana’s Oldest City Natchitoches, LA

Established in 1714, the original French colony of Natchitoches is a place unlike any other. Here, Louisiana’s rich European roots — evident through its architecture, heritage and lifestyle — fuses with natural wonders, exciting attractions, and lively events.

Regardless what your interests, you’re bound to be impressed with Natchitoches’ diverse offerings. Nature lovers will be captivated with the beauty of Kisatchie National Forest. Foodies will fall in love with the city’s famous meat pies and restaurant scene. Movie buffs can bring the magic of the silver screen to life at film sites from the movie Steel Magnolias.

Perhaps one of the city’s most extraordinary offerings is its history. In the area you’ll find countless places that transport you back in time, including Cane River National Heritage Area, the El Camino Real de Los Tejas National Trail, and Cane River Creole National Historical Park. You can also learn more about Natchitoches’ history as No Man’s Land. No Man’s Land was a strip of land temporarily left as Neutral Ground after the Louisiana Purchase. Here, robbers, thieves, and outlaws were once plentiful — adding to Natchitoches’ storied past.

From fall of 2018 to fall of 2021, No Man’s Land will be marking its Bicentennial and celebrating its unique culture, history, art, folklife, natural resources, cuisine, attractions and events. More opportunities to celebrate Natchitoches’ unique charms can be found at the city’s vibrant festivals. Spring festivals like the Cane River Film Festival, Melrose Arts & Crafts Festival, Natchitoches Jazz & R&B Festival, El Camino Real Sale on the Trail, and Cookin’ on the Cane BBQ Festival are popular among visitors and locals alike. Also be sure experience the holiday spirit at Natchitoches Christmas Festival. This beloved event is one of America’s oldest holiday festivals and features 6 weeks of celebrations, lights, and fireworks.

There’s always a new way to enjoy Louisiana’s oldest city. 
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