The Maine Highlands Is Waiting

For those of you who love the wide-open, breathtaking landscapes of the great outdoors, who prefer nature over crowds, trails over sidewalks, the feeling of cutting through the snow on a snowmobile over sitting in traffic — The Maine Highlands is waiting for you.

Set in the heart of Maine, The Maine Highlands region is easily accessed by vehicle as well as by air through Bangor International Airport. A year-round destination, The Maine Highlands is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and reconnect with nature. There are activities and adventures in every season. We have beautiful rivers, ponds, and majestic lakes that seem to call out for fishermen, paddlers, and swimmers throughout the summer, then freeze over for ice-fishers, snowmobilers, and skiers when the temperatures drop.

Most of The Maine Highlands is deeply forested, creating a home for animals of all sizes. It’s a dream destination for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters who are likely to spot moose, deer, grouse, wild turkey, and smaller game. You might even see a Maine black bear! Our ATV trails are buzzing with activity for most of the year, and our hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails offer excitement and adventure to visitors from across Canada.

Many visitors are surprised to find the stunning views our trails provide. Nearly 100 waterfalls have been discovered in The Maine Highlands! Hikers come from all over the world to experience this region of Maine, as the Appalachian Trail and the famous 100 Mile Wilderness run right through the heart of our region.

Moosehead Lake in Greenville is the largest uninterrupted lake in the eastern U.S. and may be the most captivating body of water you’ll ever lay eyes on. This lake is home of the famous Katahdin steamship and the focus of Maine’s newest hiking challenge, the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit™, which offers panoramic views from each corner of the lake from the summit of six peaks. There are four beautiful state parks for you to explore, including Baxter State Park, home to the famous Mt. Katahdin. Head into the wild and explore the newly designated Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument!

Connect with your family and friends by reconnecting with nature. Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax with a stunning view and the sounds of the Maine loons lulling you to sleep, or you’re planning an exciting adventure on one of our mountains or rivers, start planning your Maine getaway today.