Journey To Fairfield County

Take a journey to Fairfield County, Ohio where everyday pleasures fuse with extraordinary surprises. Here you’ll find great shopping, diverse dining, eclectic wineries, lively festivals and plenty of outdoor activities! Tee up at one of our beautiful golf courses or bike past miles of picturesque scenery. With 750 acres of parks and preserves to explore you’ll never run out of opportunities for adventure!

Did you know that Fairfield County is home to the largest number of covered bridges in all of Ohio? That’s right; we boast over a dozen covered bridges — most of them dating back over a century. Our County is equally spoiled when it comes to museums and the arts. There are always new exhibits to discover and our many galleries and studios will bring out the artist in you. Whether you are examining Civil War artifacts, learning the history of the motorcycle or feasting your eyes on murals, sculptures, and other public works displayed throughout the region, you’re guaranteed to experience a little bit of culture.

However, you don’t have to visit a museum to come face-to-face with history. Our newly opened Rock Mill has been lovingly restored to its 19th century glory for all to see. Built in 1824, this stunning grist mill was an amazing commercial enterprise in its heyday. For nearly 100 years Rock Mill sat vacant until it was donated to the Fairfield County Historical Parks. After extensive restoration efforts at long last this engineering marvel is fully operational, complete with the largest all-wooden waterwheel in the USA.

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