Business gifts. Fever ailments. Hangover cures. Cancer treatments.

Believe it or not, these are all reasons rhino poaching has increased nearly 10,000-fold since 2007. It’s all about the horns. Myths about their medicinal value have been passed down for generations in China and Vietnam. Even though no scientific evidence supports these claims, beliefs are not changed overnight.

A rhino is killed every 8 hours in South Africa alone, and 1,215 were lost last year. If this continues, they’ll be extinct in our lifetime. But this isn’t about the stats, it’s about what can be done to save them.

The International Rhino Foundation stands at the forefront of rhino protection work, supporting wellequipped anti-poaching teams, moving rhinos to safer areas, and working with local communities to ensure they benefit from protection efforts.

This work depends on help from people like you. The rate of poaching means every dollar counts — 92 percent of your gift directly supports field programs.

Visit today to see what you can do to save these magnificent species.