History Comes To Bullock Texas State History Museum

Becoming Texas: Our Story Begins Here is a journey through more than 16,000 years of Texas history — starting with one of the earliest known artifacts made by humans in the Americas. Through artifacts, multimedia experiences, and hands-on interactives, discover the people, places and events that shaped the state before its famous borders appeared on maps.

View weapons, jewelry and tools representing the diversity of early American Indian civilizations, and learn of the vast trade networks across the Americas prior to the arrival of Europeans. A life-size bronze bison sculpture and touch-screen installation demonstrate the innovative uses of natural resources by the American Indian people, and objects created exclusively for the Bullock Museum highlight the ways American Indian artists are passing on traditions to future generations.

Early maps, weapons, armor and cargo from sunken fleets tell the story of European arrival in the Americas. Also featured in the exhibition is the 300-year-old French ship La Belle, reunited for the first time with hundreds of artifacts from its cargo excavated from Matagorda Bay, off the Gulf Coast. Other rare artifacts tell the story of life in Spanish catholic missions, military forts, and other settlements, as well as explore the trials, hopes and dreams of the people of New Spain.

Through innovative media installations, you are placed in the middle of cultural interactions that occurred between nations and tribes, and immersed in different Texas landscapes with a multi-sensory environmental experience featuring languages that existed in Texas generations ago.