Helping Kids See and Succeed

Rinku is a 14-year-old high school student who lives in the Bara district of Nepal with her parents. Her family are wheat farmers who struggle to earn enough for their family’s needs.

Rinku loves going to school, and is an excellent student, but two year ago, school became difficult. That’s because Rinku struggled to see the blackboard and had to bring her textbooks up close to her face to read. She became withdrawn and isolated herself from her peers as she fell behind in class.

“Without proper care and locally available eye care services, children like Rinku often don’t finish school or learn a trade and will continue to live in poverty and face life-long challenges. This is especially true for girls, who make up two-thirds of the world’s blind or visually-impaired children but are only half as likely as boys to receive care,” explains Penny Lyons, Executive Director of Seva Canada.

Finding and treating children with eye problems early is crucial to ensuring healthy vision for life. Lyons says that’s why Seva donors fund free eye screenings, prescription glasses, and surgeries for thousands of children in developing countries each year.

Thankfully, a Seva-sponsored eye screening was conducted at Rinku’s high school, where her vision was tested. She was then referred to a nearby Community Eye Centre (CEC) where she was diagnosed with refractive error and given a pair of prescription glasses free of charge.

Rinku was so excited and happy to see again that she repeatedly thanked they eye care team. A week later, Rinku and her parents traveled to the CEC to express their gratitude to the staff for restoring their daughter’s sight and hope for the future.

When the eye care team returned to Rinku’s high school to do a follow up, they found an animated Rinku wearing her glasses and surrounded by friends.

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