Halloween Magic in Salem, Mass

For 36 years Salem Haunted Happenings has offered locals and visitors alike an opportunity to celebrate Halloween throughout October in Salem, Massachusetts.  Encompassing more than 1,000 events, the festival kicks off with the annual Haunted Happenings Grand Parade and ends with the Halloween Finale Fireworks on the 31st.

More than a half-million people from all over the world travel to Salem to take part in psychic fairs, family movie screenings, and haunted houses, and to learn about Salem’s illustrious history. While visiting during Haunted Happenings, you are invited to learn about the history of the Salem Witch Trials at museums and attractions like the Salem Witch Museum or Witch Dungeon Museum, or with live reenactments of a trial with Cry Innocent.

Along with a host of museums and attractions, the festival brings annual events focusing on Salem’s literary history at The House of the Seven Gables and opportunities to learn more about Salem’s modern witch community through séances, magic circles, and more.

Each year brings new reasons to visit Salem Haunted Happenings: In 2016 the Haunted Harmonies a cappella festival began featuring local and nationally recognized talent in Salem. 2017 brought Salem Horror Fest featuring classic horror movies, New England premieres, celebrity meet and greets, lectures, and more. New for 2018, the Great Salem Pumpkin Walk on October 10 offers family-fun throughout Salem with professionally carved pumpkins and special events.

Start planning your trip to Salem Haunted Happenings, view the events calendar, and request your free guide at hauntedhappenings.org.