Experience The True Luxury Of LA RAIL

Do you recall the days when travel by train was a luxury experience? When dinner in the dining car was announced by neatly uniformed porters with the sound of chimes? Did you marvel at the crisp sheets of your Pullman berth? When cocktails were served in the lounge car at your chair?

You can relive those days aboard LA Rail’s five carefully restored vintage rail cars. These cars have been lovingly restored to their original 1950’s appearance on the inside with modern mechanical systems below. “Watching people have flashbacks to a childhood memory is one of the big paybacks for us” says Doug Spinn, president of LARail. “We could have turned these cars into more modern luxury liners, but have found a large following that prefer to experience the true luxury of 1950 instead, a similar experience as riding in a classic automobile.”

On LARail’s vintage railcars you can enjoy the scenery from the open platform of a real railroad executive car. Follow a moonlit river from a seat in a 1955 dome car. Savor meals freshly prepared and served on china and linen. Sleep soundly in a former 1950 Pullman sleeping car.

LARail is based in Los Angeles and has many regular day and overnight trips in the Southern California area, such as the Santa Barbara Vino Train, the San Diego Weekend Adventure and Luncheon by the Sea. They also offer several public long distance trips each year that cover different destinations on the Amtrak system, coast to coast.

LARail also specializes in private charters for up to 100 people using a selection of railcars to many Amtrak destinations. For more information please visit LARail.com.