Experience The Majesty

Decisions, decisions. What to do when you finally get some time off. The winter air is clear and crisp at Grand Canyon National Park, a fitting environment for vigorous activity or simply absorbing the indescribable beauty of this premier wonder of the natural world. Take advantage of our clear skies and view the Milky Way as you’ve never seen it before!

Take a fossil walk and discover when the Grand Canyon was submerged under a grand ocean, or enjoy a Family Adventure Hike. Watch with pride as your youngster is sworn in as a Junior Ranger (badge included) and steward of the environment. Bring your bicycles or rent a bicycle and trek through the 30+ miles of paved and greenway trails that traverse the South Rim.

See the Grand Canyon from 500 feet above by taking a breathtaking helicopter tour. Interested in an even more Grand Adventure?
Try a scream-out-loud tandem skydiving excursion with the Grand Canyon as your back drop. If you want to stay a little closer to the
ground try a Jeep, bus, horse, mule, or bicycle tour.

From beneath the rim to 500 ft. above it, Grand Canyon National Park offers the widest array of physical and visual experiences in a single magnificent setting. To help you plan your Grand Adventure visit GrandCanyonCVB.org.