Experience Polynesia like Never Before

There is a reason USA Today readers recently voted the Polynesian Cultural Center Hawai‘i’s #1 attraction. Located on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore, the PCC is the only cultural experience of its kind in the world and a favorite of visitors and locals alike.

The PCC brings together the very best in authentic culture and entertainment from six island nations across the Pacific — Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, and of course, Hawai‘i itself.

Nowhere else on the Islands is there so much art, music, theater, dance, language, film, cuisine and hands-on activities in one place.

But the PCC isn’t just an immersive family vacation destination, it’s also a nonprofit whose mission is to preserve thousands of years of Polynesian history and culture, as well as provide scholarships and education to thousands of Polynesian students from across the world. In fact, since its founding more than 50 years ago, the PCC has provided financial assistance to morethan 20,000 students.

These are the people who are helping keep the culture and native customs of Polynesia alive. Whose connection to the spirit of Aloha runs generations deep. And this is the place that’s inspiring a new generation of locals and visitors with the unique island spirit that endures wherever it is shared. This is Polynesia like you’ve never quite seen it before. You can paddle a native-style outrigger canoe through a tropical lagoon in the village of Tonga. And then learn to cook coconut bread or throw a spear in the village of Tahiti. Start a fire by rubbing hibiscus wood together in the village of Samoa, then explore the six-story temple in the village of Fiji. Feel the rumble of the Maori war dance in New Zealand, and explore a recreated Hawai‘ian village from before western contact in 1778.

These are just a handful of the things one can experience throughout the six island villages, and the island villages are only a part of what makes this 42-acre park Hawai‘i’s #1 attraction. The PCC is also home to Oahu’s most authentic Ali‘i Lūau. Set against a backdrop of waterfalls and gardens, the sounding of the conch shell signals the royal courts arrival. As you dine on traditional Hawai‘ian foods like Kalua Pork and Taro rolls, you are serenaded by the ‘ukelele, steel guitar, and hula dancers.

But perhaps the most spectacular display of Polynesian culture is after dinner, at “Hā: Breath of Life,” Hawai‘i’s only Broadway style show. This 90-minute, world-famous evening show features over 100 Polynesia performers in an epic story of passion, fire, song, and dance.

In a time when so many Hawai‘ian tourist destinations are paving over the history and culture of the islands, it’s wonderful to see the Polynesian Cultural Center so vibrantly celebrating it.