The Endless Mountains Region of Northeastern PA is what Hometown USA used to be. It is where life moves at a slower pace, and everyone is greeted with a smile and a friendly conversation.

You will start to feel any stress you have melt right off your shoulders as soon as you enter one of the many quaint, small towns in the Endless Mountains. You’ll find very few chain stores here – mostly locally owned and unique “mom and pop” specialty shops. Downtown main streets are lined with banners hanging from charming street lamps that celebrate the town’s history, giving the streetscapes a Victorian feel.

You may want to take a leisurely drive through the countryside and visit any (or all) of our 10 wineries. The Endless Mountains Wine Trail leads you to each winery’s tasting room so you can sample some of the award-winning wines that are produced and bottled on-site.

You can surround yourself in nature’s beauty in so many ways here. Fall colors explode across the landscape during the autumn months, and nature centers provide wildlife displays and guided nature walks. Spend a day at any of our four state parks or go bird watching for a more personal experience in the outdoors.

The past speaks volumes through amazing museums housing wonderful collections and artifacts. Visit the town that spurred Stephen Foster to write his famous song, “Camptown Races”, or be a part of Native American history as you sit atop an overlook, once used as an Indian signaling point.

Agriculture and the Arts are a big component of the Endless Mountains. Take a tour of a working farm, attend an art class at a cultural center, learn about natural fibers and how they are used, or take in a live, top-notch theatre production without the stress of the big city.

The dining experience here could be just as memorable as the day you spent exploring. Several eateries pride themselves on using fresh locally grown ingredients in their dishes, serving a true farm-to-table meal. Other restaurants cater to the family, serving everything from chicken tenders to pasta dishes, while those looking for a more elegant cuisine will have no trouble finding a fine dining establishment.

No visit is complete without having attended a county fair or festival… because there’s always something happening in the Endless Mountains!

At the end of the day, relax in a comfortable bed & breakfast (many serving homemade gourmet meals using only local, fresh ingredients), a clean hotel with a friendly staff, or stay in a cabin and kick your feet up while sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Come and see what you can do in the Endless Mountains! For more information, contact the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau at 1-800-769-8999 or