Attracting the world’s fabulous and famous, Havana, Cuba was the place to be for the jet set in the mid-50s. The hotspot was the Tropicana, a casino and club which played host to an “it” list which included the likes of John F. Kennedy, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. Glitz, glamour and excess abounded. Daiquiris, showgirls, turquoise waters, rhythmic beats, the land that entertained the entertainers…this was Cuba then.

Fast forward to 2015. Although Cuba has changed over the years, glimmers of its storied past remain. The reminders of yesteryear are so present that many refer to visiting Cuba as the closest thing to time travel. The same, impeccably maintained cars from the 50s cruise the streets in droves, and celebrities still flock here. Even before the recent changes in travel, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Bill Murray and Benicio del Toro are some of the many superstars to have visited this gorgeous Caribbean destination.

Thanks to eased travel regulations, you too can journey back in time by visiting Cuba, a country deeply grounded in its people and culture. If you’re interested in vintage cars, architecture, music, and the arts, this island is the place for you. Venture to a land where life doesn’t play out on the small screen. Experience a destination where ingenuity, passion and history reign. Travel back in time to this Caribbean island unmarred by industrial advances, where artisanry is an honored practice and world-renowned Cuban cigars are still made by hand.

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Put Vacation Express’ expertise to work for you. Knowing that regulations between the US and Cuba are rapidly changing, the travel professionals at Vacation Express are continuously reviewing their Cuban program, the ever-changing regulations and how they affect you, the traveler.

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