Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Capture and share all your travel moments with the Polaroid Socialmatic. It combines the nostalgic appeal of a vintage Polaroid with the ability to share your photos instantly using the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and Android™ interface.

June by Netatmo, Sun Exposure Bracelet

Spending a lot of time outside on your trip? Play it safe and wear your JUNE bracelet. It measures your exposure to the sun throughout the day and communicates with your Smartphone. You will receive real-time advice on how to protect yourself from the sun.

Parrot Power Pot

Can’t get someone to water your plants while you’re gone? Well now you don’t have to worry with the Parrot Power Pot. This nifty flower pot contains an incredible sensor that assesses your plants’ needs and sends alerts to your smartphone. It also has a water reservoir along the side so you don’t have to worry about your plants dying.

August Connect Worldwide Lock

The August Smart Lock is the safe, simple, and social way to manage your home’s lock from anywhere in the world. Now you can control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes.

HTC RE Youtube Camera

Designed to fit your hand seamlessly and to capture a moment naturally, RE provides distraction-free video and photo capture. This cool looking camera works as a standalone devide, as well with Android and iOS. It’s a 16-megapixel shooter with one button control. It has the abilities to take still pictures as well as videos which includes slow-motion mode and time-lapse mode.

Spare One Worldwide Phone

SpareOne Plus emergency phone is the perfect travel companion! The only phone in the world to operate on a single AA battery. No contract, never charge it (simply replace the battery), and no worries. Keep it in an emergency kit, glove box, or travel bag. It’s there for you when you need it most.

Olliclip Photo Lenses for iPhone 6

Step up your phone photography with the all-new olloclip lens system has been completely redesigned for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with 4 advanced-optics lenses you attach to your phone. The patented design now works on both front and rear facing cameras and comes with 3 wearable pendants.

Wikipad MFi Controller

Love to game? Why not take the Wikipad controller with you when you’re on the go.  It features a cradle design where your device attaches between two controller parts. The controller was originally intended for Windows 8 and Android tablets, with an iOS version being something Wikipad is hoping to provide in the future.

Bragi Dash Earbuds

The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones.They will playback music  through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. The Dash is awesome for your next trip!


GoTenna pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, enabling you to text and share your location with anyone who has the device even if you don’t have service. No towers, routers or satellites required!