Welcome To Pendleton

Pendleton is one of those rare places that casts a bigger shadow than it really has. Travel anywhere in the world and someone will share their “Pendleton” connection. Whether they have been to the Pendleton Round-Up, own a Pendleton Wool garment or drank Pendleton Whisky.

Pendleton has a gravity; a pull that will bring you back if you have ever been here. There is a sense of welcome and belonging that will wrap you up like a blanket. Pendleton has so many facets and so many perspectives. How does this western, Cowboy and Indian town have its own symphony and sushi that will rival any you’ve ever had? Art and music are woven in the fabric here just as deep as a pattern in Chief Joseph robe that Pendleton Woolen Mills has been making for over 100 years. Pendleton is a collision of culture, art and history. In Pendleton, you’ll meet master craftsmen who create amazing items from leather, silver and wool. The wagon ruts of the Oregon Trail aren’t visible but they are laying under Court Street. Pendleton has had a colorful past and it’s palpable; you can feel it, there is a close connection to it and we’re not in any hurry to let it go.

Pendleton is real, unpretentious and “come as you are.” The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation have taught us to be good hosts. They’ve been welcoming travelers for the last 10,000 years. Come to Pendleton and you’ll have a story to share of your own.

Pendleton is rare and genuine. It’s going to leave a mark on you.

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