UP & COMING Here – Joplin

Hipsters leave global cities. Filmmakers crop up outside the West Coast. Typical travel hotspots feel too touristy. Other cities crumble as they grow taxing on both their locals and visitors.

Meanwhile, a crossroads of culture lies tucked away in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. Interstate 44, Interstate 49, and Historic Route 66 unite in this up and coming here named Joplin, Missouri. JOMO maintains the lowest cost of living and highest bang-for-your-buck local fare. Our Downtown blooms daily as artists, chefs, and entrepreneurs invent new ways of resurrecting century-old structures.

Because we’re more than a destination — we think Joplin’s the next place to be. We’re the source of up-and-comers. Like poetry? We gave birth to Langston Hughes and his spirit still resides here, in our public art. Dig history? Bonnie and Clyde sought refuge in JOMO. The best kept hideout from their reign still stands among a neighborhood of established oak trees. Want to be an actor? We claim Robert Cummings, Dennis Weaver, and the upand- coming Frederic Doss. Our community theaters still offer the stage to a new generation of thespians. Rather move to your own beat? The music of Percy Wenrich and Charles McPherson was inspired here. Ozark Stomp has replaced the Ragtime sound. Find innovation or become a legend? George Washington Carver and Mickey Mantle have roots in the region. Greatness and glory; from a National Park, to an amateur ballpark. Want to experience artistic flair? Masters past and present; famed muralist Thomas Hart Benton and grandson Anthony Benton Gude share their talents with murals portraying Joplin’s historical past.

From the natural splendor surrounding the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center, to the revealed wonders from beneath the surface at our Mineral Museum, to our rich history depicted in public murals, the sights and the stories of Joplin await you in Southwest Missouri.

So explore our attractions, unearth our history. Get inspired by our art culture, savor our two-hundred-plus restaurants. Kick off your shoes and stay awhile in one of our open rooms, enjoying a glass of locally vinified wine. Experience a variety of shops. They don’t call this the Four States for nothing — we’re the hub where Kansas City, Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Fayetteville join forces.

We’ve fostered many up-and-comers as the Middle West’s bedrock of inspiration. You’ll get inspired too the moment you pack up-and-come.

Are you here yet?

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