Imagine turning back the clock to a time when schooners and steamers ruled the Great Lakes. With a visit to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, you can do just that.

Located off Northeast Michigan in Lake Huron, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is adjacent to one of the most treacherous stretches of water within the Great Lakes. As a result, these crystal clear waters protect one of America’s best-preserved and nationally significant collections of historic shipwrecks.

Well-preserved by Lake Huron’s cold, fresh water, nearly 200 shipwrecks have been discovered in the sanctuary, spanning more than 150 years of Great Lakes maritime history. As a collection, they capture dramatic moments from centuries that transformed America, illuminate an era of enormous national growth and remind us of risks taken and tragedies endured.

The variety of shipwreck types, depths and locations combined with their excellent states of preservation make the area in and around the sanctuary a haven for divers, kayakers and snorkelers, as well as historians, archaeologists and students of all ages. This year, come explore the history, archaeology, legends and lore of the Great Lakes at Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

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