The Charming City of Cambridge

The essence of the city is no better summed up than in the words of the beloved, late Cantabrigian Julia Child: “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” And with the diverse repertoire of attractions and activities in Cambridge, you’re sure to indulge just about any passion that suits your fancy.

Those with an appreciation for the past can unearth some four centuries’ worth of history in this timeless fount of architecture and artifacts. Whether you’re taking in the magnificent 18th-century mansions of “Tory Row,” or exploring the plethora of world-class museums and galleries, there is enough to see and do to satisfy even the most voracious of educational appetites.

More treasures can be found sprinkled throughout Cambridge’s friendly and distinctive neighborhoods; all you have to do is get out there and discover what makes each of them unique, interesting and endearing.
If you love live music, Central Square is the place to be! Spilling forth from the flurry of coffee houses, restaurants and bars, a fusion of musical genres fills the streets with an infectious rhythm.

A spirited stomping ground for both Brazilian and Portuguese communities, Inman Square is a great spot to grab a perfectly poured Guinness, order a whitefish platter or peruse secondhand stores for treasures and trinkets.

Cambridge is also home to two of the most respected educational institutions in the country; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ivy-league legend, Harvard University.

Celebrate the city’s long standing history of scholarly pursuits with a tour of Harvard Square. Take a stroll throughout the yard, check out the arthouse theatres, and find the perfect souvenir at local booksellers, Grolier Poetry Bookshop and Schoenhof’s Foreign Book.

At the forefront of scientific progress, Kendall Square is the epicenter for all things futuristic. Between web behemoths like Google and Microsoft, the cluster of biotech companies, and the frenzy of research going on at MIT— this corner of Cambridge is Disneyland for high-tech aficionados.
Buzzing with a constant stream of students and urbane Cantabrigians, Porter Square is the ‘it’ place to find the latest fashions and sample the tastiest treats. Check out the trendy coffee shops, specialty boutiques, and throng of culinary riches located at the foot of Porter Square’s towering stainless steel kinetic sculpture.

Flying below the radar, East Cambridge is perhaps one of the city’s most undiscovered neighborhoods. A cruise down Cambridge Street will not only connect you with some of the best fish markets, Portuguese bakeries, and bars, but is also a popular destination for our avid bargain hunters. Search for cool styles and hot savings at the Cambridgeside Galleria and the Twin City Plaza shopping center, and haggle the best price for one-ofa- kind finds at the Cambridge Antique Market.

While each of Cambridge’s communities provide visitors with a distinctive experience all their own, commonalities such as friendly people, lush locavore-centric feasts, and lively annual events and festivals, unites the city with an unmistakable vibrant spirit.

So come and discover Boston’s “Left Bank.” Whether you fly into Boston’s Logan International Airport, take Amtrak’s convenient rail service, or simply enjoy the drive, in no time at all you will be having the time of your life!

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