If you are looking for a unique vacation experience, look no further than Sunrise Beach Villas on Paradise Island. The Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands and 2,300 cays of which only 40 islands are permanently inhabited. In square measures The Bahamas are the fourth largest country in the Caribbean with a scant 300,000 inhabitants.

The Bahamas weather ranges from 75 to 85 degrees fahrenheit in winter and 85 to 95 degrees fahrenheit in summer. There is a permanent, pleasant breeze, the so-called “Trade Winds,” which brought Columbus to the area 500 years ago.

Sunrise Beach Villas offers so much more than many vacation destinations, and is well known as one of the remaining quaint yet elite private proper- ties on Paradise Island. Choose your villa, one to five bedroom villas are available, all fully-furnished, so our guests get that at-home feeling while on vacation. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on your private patio. It’s your choice, make your meals in your fully appointed kitchen, dine out at one the many fantastic restaurants on Paradise Island, Nassau (a short taxi ride away) or mix with the locals at Viola’s Bar/Grill offering breakfast, lunch and dinner on the Sunrise Beach Villas property.

The friendly Sunrise staff is most helpful in coordinating your Bahamas experience. Swim with the sharks, parasail or enjoy any of the many varied Bahamian opportunities on Paradise Island or Nassau. Don’t leave without taking the ferry, complete with a Bahamian tour guide, to Nassau’s straw market which offers everything from handmade shell jewelry to beautiful wood carvings by local artists.

Guests looking for a quieter experience can enjoy the Sunrise pools, take a dip in the ocean, walk or sit on the white sandy beach and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves crashing. Sunrise offers private access to Cabbage Beach using one of two locked staircases on the property.

If this sounds a little too quiet for you, remember Sunrise is located within walking distance of The Atlantis where you can gamble, swim in the water park, enjoy the night life, shop or dine overlooking the marina where you might catch a Junkanoo parade; a cultural event offering locals in costumes playing music and dancing to celebrate Bahamian Independence.

Sunrise Beach Villas is a calm, peaceful resort offering fully appointed, spacious villas to give our guests the privacy and comfort of home while enjoy the luxurious amenities of a resort. This is why Sunrise Beach Villas guests Come Home to Sunrise!