Skiing The Face With Friends

On my last vacation I was lucky enough to get the chance to go skiing with my friends at Whiteface Mountain Ski Center. My friend’s family rented a cabin on the edge of Mirror Lake, which is where we stayed for the three days we were in Lake Placid. Those days spent in the High Peaks were some of the best I’ve ever had, and I would highly recommend skiing the Face to anyone.

Peter, Erin, and I arrived at the cabin just in time for dinner Sunday night. We were greeted by a warm fire and delicious food. After settling in, we planned our day of skiing at Whiteface. It was my first time skiing at this well-known mountain and I was overly excited.

The next morning we rose before the sun, gathered our bags, and headed toward the mountain. Driving around Mirror Lake and past Main Street, the weather foreshadowed what would be a fantastic day of skiing. After we got our lift tickets, we grabbed a table and quickly dressed in warm skiing attire. Luckily, we bought our tickets ahead of time online to beat the lines so we could get out faster. We headed for the gondola and in no time we were zipping toward the summit of Little Whiteface. When we got to the summit, my friends and I could not help but take in the beautiful view of the High Peaks, Mirror Lake, and Lake Placid lake from the lookout.

Without being able to wait any longer, we clipped into our skis and took off down the mountain. One by one we flew past each other, enjoying the freshly made snow and beautiful scenery. Our day continued like this: hopping on the gondola, skiing down blue squares, black diamonds, and green circles, and then repeating. After many hours of carving up the slopes we headed back to the cabin. After dinner, we went out and walked into town.

Lake Placid is a warm place at night. The locals and store owners are friendly, the food is great, and the memories made there last a lifetime. My friends and I decided to go skating at the historic Olympic Speed Skating Oval. After skating, we headed onto Main Street and window shopped — I lit up like a little kid when I first saw the sign for the candy store, a Pinch or a Pound. The colorful display of a plethora of candy caught my eye, and I couldn’t control my feet as they seemed to move on their own into the store. My friends shared my happiness, and we took off back to the cabin with smiles on our faces after a successful night of skating and window shopping.

The next day we started just as early as the day before, and we were lucky enough to have the same weather conditions, too. We set into the same skiing routine and had non-stop fun on the Face.

After another wonderful day of skiing with fantastic conditions, it was time to head home. I was a very happy and exhausted guy with memories made in Lake Placid and Whiteface that will last a lifetime. Dreaming of your Lake Placid ski vacation? Check out to see all the cool packages, places to stay, events, and more — there’s always something going on in the Adirondacks!