Seguin Texas It’s Real

Get crackin’ and plan your visit to Seguin, Texas. While the city of just over 30,000 people might be best known for being home of the world’s largest pecan, it has a lot more to offer visitors. From its founding in 1838 by 33 Texas Rangers, Seguin’s legacy keeps growing with new attractions like the world’s only wooden shuttle roller coaster and the preserved historic downtown district
linking visitors to the days of old.

Visitors today can shoot down the lazy Guadalupe River on inner tubes. Recreationists also can flock to Max Starcke Park to kayak on the four-mile Lake Seguin Paddling Trail, take on the surf at the Max Starke Park Wave Pool or sink a knee-knocking three footer at the 18-hole championship golf course along the river beneath the pecan trees.

Nothing is gentle about the ZDT Amusement Park, an indoor-outdoor thrill ride extravaganza covering the gamut of adrenaline rushes to your system. Incorporated into a former agricultural and grocery center, the layout makes for one of the most interesting theme parks in the world. The best perspective to check out the architectural uniqueness is the custom-made Switchback roller coaster. The world’s first wooden shuttle roller coaster, Switchback snakes through the historical buildings before reaching the Grand Spike, a section of angled track at 87 degrees — a record!

Set your own pace when visiting some of Seguin’s other historically significant structures. Among the oldest towns in all of Texas and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Seguin is filled with significant buildings, beginning with the structures that line the Downtown Historic District. See a variety of building styles across several eras as well as some unique shopping.

History buffs can continue to Heritage Village to view the 1910 Victorian Dietz Doll House; the two-room Campbell-Hoermann Log Cabin; and the 160-year-old Methodist church, the oldest Protestant church in Texas. Follow your walking tour with a visit to the Seguin Heritage Museum to learn about Seguin and Guadalupe County’s deep multi-ethnic cultural history.

There’s no way to study the modern history of Seguin without admiring the pecan, and it’s almost impossible to study the pecan without a nutcracker. The Pape Pecan House and Nutcracker Museum takes the marriage of nut and cracker even further, displaying more than 8,000 nutcrackers, the largest collection in the world! Impressively, the museum remains active in the pecan harvesting industry by filling in the cracks about the area’s agricultural legacy. Not surprisingly, Seguin is also home to the World’s Largest Pecan, well two of them. The original sits on the Courthouse lawn, and after losing the title to a city in Missouri, Seguin built an even larger pecan that can be found at the Texas Agricultural Education and Heritage Center along with the Pecan Museum.

Pick your weekend, and get crackin’ on planning your visit to Seguin. For more information, visit