ObusForme has over three decades of experience applying ergonomic science and a professional understanding of the human body to every product developed. Our team of neck and back experts, including Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, bring insight to support the development process, examining how the body interacts with products to improve the way people sit, sleep and move daily. This combination of anatomical and ergonomic expertise enables ObusForme to create therapeutic products for neck pain, back pain and beyond.

ObusForme is committed to creating valued products for use at home, on the move and in the office. From our original, award-winning ObusForme Lowback Backrest Support to our newest CustomAIR™ Backrest with Adjustable Lumbar, our backrests are scientifically proven to decrease pressure on your body by 35% and increase comfort all day. A sound sleep is critical for your body to rejuvenate and relax; ObusForme sleep products support the natural alignment of your neck and shoulders allowing a better night’s rest. Our lightweight, portable products allow you to turn any ordinary space into an ergonomically sound environment.

The result of ObusForme’s ongoing commitment is a perfect harmony of function and style in an ever-expanding line of products that have been ‘Engineered For The Human Body’ designed for you to feel the difference the first time you try them!
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