MD Marine Insurance

MD Marine Insurance is Canada’s largest marine insurance brokerage. Growing into this position is the result of doing a number of things well…Offering quality insurance products at the most competitive rates, reacting quickly and responsibly to claims and always being there and fully committed to making sure our clients are up to speed on any issues that will affect their insurance. It all boils down to people with deep marine insurance expertise, who understand that they are in the business of helping not hindering when it comes to making sure their clients are always happy and satisfied

Marine Insurance Is All We Do, So We Know It Inside Out.
Our people are specialists in the area of marine insurance. This is a very important thing to keep in mind when you are considering insurance for your watercraft. The laws governing marine insurance are complex and changing on a regular basis. Being specialized in marine insurance means that our awareness and knowledge of changes in marine laws as they affect insurance is much more complete than ‘generalist’ insurance brokerages who just happen to offer marine insurance.

Our Marine Insurance Knowledge Can Have A Positive Impact On Your Rates.
At MD Marine, we’re boaters too. So we understand and appreciate that every boater’s insurance needs are unique to their circumstances. We get to understand what those ‘unique circumstances’ are and customize your insurance coverage to suit them. This is designed to always make sure you have the right coverage at the best possible rate.

Our Policy On Claims Is All About Getting You Back On The Water Fast.
We know the boating season in Canada is short and that if your boat is tied up in a claim situation it can be even shorter. Our commitment to the fastest possible claim resolution not only delights our clients, but in many cases, astonishes them, especially those who have had to go through the claims process with other insurance companies and found that to be something less than fun.

Being Canada’s Largest Marine Insurance Brokers Means One Thing Above All Else…More Genuinely Satisfied Clients.
We invite you to visit our web site and check out some one the dozens of testimonials we have gathered from clients who have made claims with us and from clients who have told us of their nightmare experiences with other insurance companies. You’ll see from these first hand recollections that everything you have just read is very much what we are all about, which is summed up by the words…trust…experience…commitment.

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