Discover the Universal langUage de Louisiane Festival international

Transformative, thought provoking, and emotive, if there ever was a universal language, it would be that of music. Though a composition of rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, key and form, artists are able to orchestrate the telling of a story unrestricted by the barriers of linguistics. An expression of diversity and personal interpretation, music not only allows a platform for individuality but also helps people all over the world find commonality in the human experience.

Since its creation in 1986, Festival International de Louisiane has become recognized as a premier presenter of some of the most unique musicians and performances in the United States. This nonprofit, community-based event celebrates the French cultural heritage of southern Louisiana, as well as invites performing and visual artists from Europe, Africa, Canada, the Caribbean and the Americas to showcase their talents.

Taking place April 24-28, 2013 in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, Festival International de Louisiane is the largest free outdoor Francophone event in the United States. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, visitors to the festival can enjoy over 100 free concerts on six stages over 5 days.

Get lost in the melodic genius of local artists and discover an array of unique emerging musicians as you delve into countless musical genres. From calypso beat, Canadian folk, and Parisian cabaret, to Cajun waltzes, Creole fiddling, and
Reggae, gain a whole new appreciation for our cultural diversity.

In addition to the musical offerings, the event also features hands-on workshops, cooking demonstrations, mouth-watering cuisine, lively dancing, visual arts, theater and more.

Sample cuisine from all corners of the globe, take in an animated street performance, or peruse the creations of 90 American artists at The Marche des Arts. For more exotic treasures, visit the Marche du Monde (the World Market) and browse sculptures, African art, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, photography, baskets, and instruments.

Get your toes tapping at this world-class event. For a full list of events and musical line-up, visit us at