Known for being a shopaholic amongst my coworkers, it came as no surprise I was elected to find the perfect gift for a colleague leaving on maternity leave. Wanting to find something both unique and meaningful, I was stumped until a glimmer in the jewellery shop window caught my eye.

Unable to resist, I went inside and was greeted by a friendly gentleman, who with a knowing look brought out the pendants of the Harmony Collection. He explained that the collection was based on the Elements of Creation: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and that those elements are each associated with the signs of the zodiac.

The five natural stones are grouped to represent each of the elements and each are attributed a quality that enhances the wearer. For instance, turquoise for health and tigers eye for luck! Added to the cluster of stones is a small coin that has a design of four spirals that were derived from ancient sacred geometry (Phi, the golden ratio).

Both thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing, the pendants were available in all sterling silver or in gold plated sterling silver for $75 and $85. Amazed at the price, and enchanted by the Canadian handcrafted detailing, I bought a gold plated Earth pendant for my colleague who is a Virgo and a sterling silver Air Pendant for myself.

Heading back to the office I was in my element. I stayed in budget, I found an unforgettable gift, and most importantly, I secured my position as the office shopper.