Welcome to Great Bend

Surrounded by the extraordinary scenic beauty of the highlands, feel your shoulders drop a little as you escape the hectic pace of life and embrace the Great Bend way of living. Spend your days shopping in the quaint downtown core, watching colorful parades, attending lively community concerts, special holiday events, and more! At the new Great Bend Sport Complex experience the fun of local and regional softball and baseball!

Listed as a “Best Places” by U.S. News & World Report, Great Bend offers endless cultural experiences at the Brit Spaugh Zoo area featuring the Raptor Center and Wetland Water Park, Shafer Art Gallery, Oil and Gas Museum, and SRCA Dragstrip – home of the first ever NHRA National event in 1955, over 50 years later the SRCA Dragstrip still attracts visitors looking to take in some high-octane fun!

However, to truly appreciate this region, you simply must head into the great outdoors. Enjoy a timeless American experience with an afternoon drive along the breathtaking Scenic Byway. This 77-mile Byway connects two of the world’s most significant natural wetlands – Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge and hosts millions of migrating birds each year. As the stunning countryside passes by your window search for waterfowl, shorebirds, and whooping grains luring in the wetlands, and explore the quaint rural communities you pass along the way.

Want a unique nature experience? Then, visit the new Kansas Wetlands Education Center. KWEC overlooks Cheyenne Bottoms; the largest inland marsh in the United States and a Ramsar designed Wetland of International Importance. Walk through state-of-the-art exhibits that tell the story of Cheyenne Bottoms from its ancient geological formation to the management challenges of the future. Discover the magnificence of these wetlands and the animals and plants living there. Drive the GPS Video Tour of Cheyenne Bottoms and the Wetlands and Wildlife National Byway and explore the Nature Conservancy Preserve.

Said to be the largest wetland in the interior United States, Cheyenne Bottoms is certainly one of America’s treasures. Recently featured in the National Geographic’s Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways – the 275 BEST Drives in the US – The Wetlands provide superb bird watching, hiking, and the most diverse upland and wetland bird hunting in the United States.
Discover one of the Eight wonders of Kansas today!

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