My Glasses Make Me Smarter

Guddu is a typical active 8-year-old boy living in the Rautahat District of Nepal. His family is poor — they own no land and make ends meet as farm labourers.

Guddu’s father, Naresh, is literate but left school as a boy to help provide forhis family. His mother, Anju, never went to school. They’re both committed to providing Guddu with an education so he can escape the cycle of poverty and build a better life for himself and their family.

Last year, as Naresh was helping Guddu with his homework, he noticed his son would bring his notebook up to his face as he tried to read. Worried about his son’s vision, Naresh took Guddu for an eye exam at a Seva Canada-sponsored Community Eye Centre in a nearby town.

“Without proper care and locally available eye care services, children like Guddu often don’t finish school or learn a trade and will continue to live in poverty and face life-long challenges,” explains Penny Lyons, Executive Director of Seva Canada (

Finding and treating children with eye problems early is crucial to ensuring healthy vision for life. Lyons says that’s why Seva donors fund free eye screenings, prescription glasses and surgeries for thousands of children in developing countries each year.

The optometrist determined that Guddu was far-sighted and he was given a pair of new prescription glasses free of charge; glasses his parents would never have been able to afford.

Guddu is now able to see clearly and is excelling in school. He says his glasses make him smarter and he’s been reading to his parents every night. Naresh and Anju are happy to see their son so excited about learning and are grateful to the Seva Canada community for providing him with the eye care he needed so he can grow up to lead a healthy and productive life.