Experience The Thrill

There’s perhaps no better way to experience a country than to explore by bike. With the wind in your hair and the sun on your face, the scenes seem to unfold in front of you as if they were in High Definition.

Sharing a passion for traveling and learning, Rick Price and Paola Malpezzi Price began their journey with ExperiencePlus! back in 1972 when they led their first bike tour across Italy. Today, this award-winning operator now offers trips in over 20 destinations and has recently announced some exciting new locations for 2017.

One of the secrets behind ExperiencePlus! success is its ability to blend true cycling expertise with innovative routes and off-the-beaten-path immersion. Every tour is thoughtfully designed by people who are intimately familiar with the region and hosted by local experts to ensure the most
authentic experience possible. From mapping out the route marked with chalk arrows and delivering luggage to hotels, to booking comfortable boutique accommodations and memorable meals, every detail of the trip is taken care of for you. Best of all you are free to explore at your own pace, simply follow the chalk arrow navigation system and enjoy the small towns and attractions along on way.

ExperiencePlus’s 2017 tours are ready to roll, and their premium road, hybrid, tandem, and e-bikes are ready to take you places. From Portugal’s stunning beaches to Croatia’s spectacular limestone coastline, there are more destinations to experience than ever before. This year join like-minded travelers from across the globe and embark on a unique bicycle tour unlike any other.

For more information on tour departures and itineraries please visit ExperiencePlus.com.