Escape To Talbot County

Even if you haven’t been to Talbot County, you’ve passed through it in a daydream.

American heritage and contemporary cuisine. Timeless traditions and the daily surprises of nature. Roads meandering between small Maryland towns to gorgeous Chesapeake Bay views and seafood fresh off the boat.

One of the oldest European settlements in the New World, Talbot County is a quiet area of fields, forests and waterways. It’s about one-third the size of Rhode Island — but with 600 miles of shoreline to explore by boat or kayak, on foot or a bike.

Talbot’s fine hotels and abundant B&Bs mix hospitality and history in a way few destinations do. It encompasses key sites in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War and Underground Railroad. Next year marks the bicentennial of Talbot native Frederick Douglass’ birth, a signal event among local festivals, fairs and parades that range from pancake breakfasts at local firehouses to a major outdoor painting competition.

It’s a perfect destination for sailors and other travelers exploring the Atlantic seaboard. Accessibility by car, boat and small plane make it ideal for a long weekend for visitors from D.C. and Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.

Whether you’re here for a week or a weekend, a day or a night, you can leave with art, antiques, clothes, memorabilia — and memories from a place you’d dreamed of.

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