19th Pick-Pocket Attempt Stopped by Pick-Pocket Proof Pants

Talking about the designs, “we put security back in the hands of the traveler by layering multiple levels of security on all of your pockets. Basically, you choose how secure your pocket will be and where you want that security,” said Adam Rapp.

Since first releasing their travel wear in 2012, Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof designs have developed a loyal following from travelers looking to add an extra level of security to their suitcase. “Nearly 40,000 pairs have been sent to 50 countries. As more pairs make their way into the world, the odds of travelers wearing our designs encountering a pick-pocket increases. So far we’ve received reports of stopping 19 total pick-pockets, on 4 continents. And those are just the pick-pockets who got their hands caught in the proverbial cookie jar! There must be double or triple that number who deterred a pick-pocket.”

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