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“What’s the worst that could happen?”
“What’s the worst that could happen?” is heard all-too-often when travellers are asked about travel medical insurance. Unfortunately, they never seem to answer their own question. CAA Travel Insurance can provide comprehensive emergency medical coverage in the event that you or someone you love becomes injured while out-of-province. Despite the dangers of travelling without it, many actually think it’s not necessary.

Here are a few common travel insurance myths:

Myth 1: Ohip Covers All Medical Expenses Within Canada Even if you’re just going to the neighbouring province, it’s still recommended you purchase travel medical insurance before your trip. Though you do have limited access to OHIP benefits, you may not be covered for the following while you’re away from home:

• Prescription drugs from pharmacies

• Home care services

• Ambulance services and long-term care services provided in other provinces and territories 

Myth 2: Multi-trip annual plans are expensive another misconception is that buying an annual plan is more costly than purchasing coverage as you travel. If you travel often or know you’ll be out of province more than once a year, buying an annual plan is often more affordable in the long run!

Myth 3: Airlines Will Reimburse You For Expenses Caused By Cancelled Or Delayed Flights Where the airlines fail, travel insurance succeeds! Trip cancellation and interruption coverage is often bundled into many vacation package insurance plans, so if you lose a night at a hotel due to a delayed flight, a comprehensive travel insurance policy will allow you to be covered for financial loss.

Myth 4: Getting Medical Attention in A Foreign Country is Difficult In cases of language barriers and unknown hospital locations, CAA Assistance will work closely with you to, wherever possible, recommend an appropriate physician or hospital at your trip destination, provide multilingual interpreters and to pay hospitals, physicians and other medical providers directly. No matter what your concern is, CAA’s knowledgeable and experienced staff will take care of everything from finding the nearest hospital to arranging payment.

Myth 5: Short Trips Don’t Require insurance Plans can change whether it is a full-week vacation, or a single-day shopping trip across the border. Emergencies are never in the plans, but with CAA Travel Insurance you’ll spend your short trip building memories instead of costly medical bills.

Myth 6: Travel insurance provided By Credit Cards is Sufficient Travel insurance is often touted as a perk for certain credit cards, but their coverage is limited in comparison with full-featured plans from full-service providers. In fact, many credit card plans only cover trip interruption and baggage loss! It’s important that you compare policies to find out what you could be missing.
CAA is here to help protect your next vacation!

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