Bellingham, Washington

One Destination Many Adventures

Balancing small town essence with funky college-infusion, artist chic and culinary wow, Bellingham has managed to honour the past while embracing the future — attracting pleasure seekers of all ages to immerse themselves in its recreational and epicurean diversity.

Going strictly by the points on a map, culinary travellers may assume that Bellingham’s food scene wilts in the shadow of nearby Vancouver, British Columbia and Seattle — two international hot-spots for the growing devotion to northwest flavour. But the region’s culinary status belies its size by taking advantage of close proximity to volcanic-rich agricultural lands, shallow saltwater bays that serve as a haven for shellfish, and a varied geography that beckons to foragers and farmers alike.

Glacier-clad Mount Baker dominates the eastern horizon with meandering shoreline of the Salish Sea (northern most Puget Sound) forming Whatcom County’s zigzagged western border. In between lies rolling hills dotted with old growth evergreens harbouring wild mushrooms, herbs and edible native plants. Foothills give way to symmetrical rows of raspberries, blueberries, vineyards, orchards and tidy dairy farms which all contribute to the region’s prowess not only as a national agricultural leader but also its reputation for delicious, locally sourced foods.

The same dramatic influences that have attracted outdoor enthusiasts to Whatcom County for decades increasingly serve as backdrop and precursor to enjoying the region’s emergent culinary experiences. Moody rivers that alternateseasonally between sedentary.

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