A Pristine Island Paradise with Big Eco-Ideas

Saba is one of the most visually stunning and lovingly conserved places on earth. Contained within its pristine five square miles is a unique com- bination of natural and manmade wonders. Like a magnificent green emerald soaring 5,000 feet from the sea floor (3,000 above sea), Saba truly is a unspoiled tropical paradise that has been beautifully maintained and thoughtfully developed over the centuries.

The island is committed to a “Clean, Green and Safe” experience for both locals and visitors. While sustainability is a centuries long effort on Saba, the island’s formal plans began in 1987 with the establishment of The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), an NGO whose mission is to preserve and manage Saba’s natural and cultural heritage.

Saba’s coastlines and waters have been declared a national marine park, and many other efforts have been implemented to safeguard the island’s natural offerings including upgrading the current power plant into a more energy efficient and clean operation and building a second solar plant and poten- tially a wind turbine.

2018 begins the next phase of building an even more resilient, healthier Saba. The harbor and airport are being upgraded, waste management and water management will be improved, a new water bottling plant will ensure a high quality drinking water, and Saba’s recycling facility will be elevated to higher environmental standards.

Both the government and local population are focused on a more sustain- able lifestyle combined with preservation of the island’s unique natural and manmade heritage while moving into the future with new, more sophisticated tools. Saba is a small island imbued with traditional respect for one’s environs combined with a sophisticated world view and very big, yet doable, eco-ideas.