A Place Like Nowhere Else

The Place of the Red Willow People is most famously known as Taos Pueblo; a place of strength, culture, and tradition. For over one thousand years the Indigenous people have lived and thrived in the Taos Valley. Surviving the impacts of European contact, the community graciously has created a space in their home to share and teach their story to the world. Most notable for the adobe architecture of the multi-storied buildings, the community sits at the basin of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and atop the canyons of the Rio Grande Gorge.

Visitors come from around the world to share in the beauty of the land and people. Learn the history and experience the artistry as you take a walk through the village shops. Taos Pueblo is celebrated for its micaceous clay pottery and drum making, be sure to take a piece or two home with you to remember your trip.

Known as one of the oldest living inhabited area in the United States, Taos Pueblo is designated a National Historic Landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is open to the public, but please take a look at the calendar on taospueblo.com to ensure your visit. Early spring (February–April) the community closes to the public for around 8 weeks. Information on Taos Pueblo can be found on taospueblo.com and by calling (575) 758-1028.